Minister Goddy Goddy

Gospel DJ & Minister  Goddy Goddy, is committed to doing whatever it takes to win souls for the Kingdom of God. He has realized the power of the DJ ministry and is using reggae music to take the message of salvation to the inner-cities across Jamaica and the rest of the world. He is committed to the God-given task with more zeal in light of spreading the “wrong message” in his secular days.

Mr. Goddy Goddy was born Howard Reynolds on November 15 in Kingston, Jamaica where he grew up in the Marverly and Orange Grove communities in Kingston. He attended church on Sundays at a local church as this was custom of his family. At age 14, while attending Papine Secondary School, Howard started his secular music career as “Snake Man” he recorded at age 15 a song titled Old People for the famed recording duo Sly and Robbie.

In 1993, he signed with the Black Scorpio Label where he recorded his first major single “Mr Dynamite”. In 1997, Howard was enjoying success as a secular DJ but eventually grew uncomfortable with the Dancehall environment and especially with the lewd lyrics that he often chanted. One night while watching a program on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), a great conviction came over him and he found himself asking God for forgiveness on his knees. He made the decision to give up his secular DJ career and started attending a local church and studying the Word of God. On April 1999 he fully surrendered all to Jesus at the altar of Cavalier New Testament Church and was subsequently water baptized.

In November 2000, Mr. Goddy Goddy, released his debut album “Goddy Goddy” which has been well received. In 2001, Mr. Goddy Goddy was the recipient of the XNEWS Best Gospel Artiste for 2000 award. His Ministry has taken him within the Caribbean as well as to the United States, England and Canada.

Mr. Goddy Goddy has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of Papa San, Stitchie, Carlene Davis, Chevelle Franklyn, Byron Cage, Shirley Caesar, Deitrick Haddon, Bebe Winans and many more. His first album “Goddy Goddy”, was released in 2000 followed by his sophomore release entitled “Warfare” in 2004, more recently, his long awaited third album entitled GHETTO PRIEST has hit the streets and is creating waves on the Gospel scene, with songs such as “Evil minds” with gospel singer Omari and Chaka Chi. This is album is well on its way to becoming one of the top Reggae Gospel Album of 2007 and beyond.

Minister Goddy Goddy not only is he a DJ gospel artist but he also preaches the gospel. He formed an inner city ministry called “street vibes” in 2002. With his background as a gang leader, being involved with drugs and guns, this had empowered him to minister to gunmen, drug addicts and prostitutes in the most volatile communities of Kingston such as Jungle, Rema, Trenchtown, Maxfield, Tivoli, Waterhouse etc. Under his ministry approximately 10,000 men have been saved, in addition to women and children. Because of his ability to bring souls into the kingdom he has earned the title GHETTO PRIEST.

Minister Goddy Goddy was Ordained as a  Pastor on Sunday, March 23rd, 2008. This however, does not mean that he has hung up his hat as a Gospel DJ. In fact, there are new singles being heavily rotated such as Granny and Run mi down. Minister Goddy Goddy is also in the studio working on tracks for his fourth album.